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Aug 24, 2021

On this episode, Stacy talks with Global Instructor Dr. Bill Dish. Global Instructors are visiting professors that share their knowledge, insights, and real-world experiences with the students. Bill talks in-depth about why he decided to teach at USA and with Dr. Joe Hair. He also explains what makes the USA Ph.D. program unique, and he gives his thoughts on what it takes to navigate a high-level business school graduate and Ph.D. program. Plus, he gives us a peek under the hood on his innovative AI and Cloud Computing company DataRobot.


Key Takeaways

- The USA program is teaching the most advanced and innovative data analysis methods and tools available.

- Global and traveling instructors like Bill Dish share the latest cutting-edge tools and real-world lessons to make a genuinely relevant and unique academic program.

- Look for a degree that teaches the latest innovative tools and concepts, plus is versatile enough to allow many options for future career opportunities.

- The newest tools and real-world concepts taught by Dr. Hair and The USA program are essential in today's global marketplace.